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Start-ups, projects, and partnerships



Palau Resource Institute

Aqua/Marine Lab research project to rejuvenate the sea cucumber stock for food security and economic development purposes; creating a resilient natural resource management plan for sea cucumbers for Palau.   2012- 2020


Turtle Island Enterprise and Finance Lab

Native American initiative to establish and manage alternative finance institution by Mashpee Wamponags.  First projects include growing native, healing plants and herbs on farm for food security, and developing a financial vehicle, a community-based fund. 2020

Creative Arts Experience - Honolulu, HI 

Creation of creative innovation lab - assisting in developing arts education and arts experiences for community; assisted in development of business plan for the Downtown Arts Center (DAC) called "The Hub@DAC."  Resilience planning for board 2018-present


Model legislation platform design for citizen participation

Tiapapata Art Centre and Upega 

Independent Republic of Samoa,  - providing assistance in developing computer lab through Upega project 2012-ongoing


Colombia-based development of a  sustainable avocado industry to create workforce and economic growth. Provided strategic planning and mission, corporate concepts and operations; assisted in developing an agribusiness innovation lab to support this effort; and enterprise development and jobs for local farmers and los reintegrados.



Exchange bartering app - won Social Impact Award from NTTData Challenge 2018-ongoing.


Development of sustainable avocado business and lab; training of workforce in agriculture and agribusiness.  Two awards:  Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Entrepreneurial - 2nd prize and Fletcher School Entrepreneurial prize 3rd place.

Custom Feed Solutions 

Advisor on corporate and business development for hydroponic livestock feed -company now called Attis, won first prize in Hult International Business School for Masters in Business Administration. 2016.  ​


  • Hydroelectric dam development  - stakeholder collaboration for jobs, enterprise development -proposed

  • Foundations -Identifying intervention and support for stakeholders in livelihood - jobs, businesses focused on sustainability and resilience 2019​

  • Urban Resilience Lab -​conceptual design, users, co-work space and research and development problem sets.​


Sustainable Schools International 

Cambodia - one-off offering board and governance assistance - 2015

Molokai Strategic Planning 

Speaker on "Financing Sustainability" at Future of a Hawaiian Island conference 2009 ; discussion and planning of clean energy/environmental lab; support of creation of local sustainable organization ; board training, Habitat for Humanity 2009-2011

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Living Systems Labs

Fisherville Mills, MA, USA - developed strategic plans for human and natural habitats - growing of plants/flowers utilizing utilizing clean water systems installed for polluted waters and creating buildings for 30 acres of clean-up land - recommendations and pre-planning for cidery, affordable housing, co-work space, etc.  2015




Re-sell, "re-love" furniture 2017.  

Bike Beacon 

Bike-bus communications safety app - connection for bikes and drivers - 2014​. 

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