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As a hybrid firm, the Sun Walking Group functions in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, able to be agile to create innovation within sources and uses.   Sun Walking reviews the financial needs for their clients' projects, products, idea,  social ventures, and enterprise start-ups.  They operate from the premise of "blended financing" for projects. They apply diverse apporaches to funding and financing projects.


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financial sources, resources, facilities, and mechanisms appropriate for enabling equity or credit to build the dream. They provide the backbone for entrepreneurs to obtain investment and capital.

Sun Walking provides access- developing budgets and programs, business plans and proposals- helping to determine sources and uses, revenue and expenses, equity and credit.


AS a quasi-financial intermediary, we support everything from community development groups forming Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFI's), cooperatives, business development corporations, and private equity funds.  Any means to generate savings and investments, revenue, or trusts, savings/investment vehicles.  We support the notion of "Rainy Day Funds" , identifying sources and uses.

We also are developing our own grants, fellowships, scholarships, awards and prizes.


Sun Walking deals in financial inclusion, small businesses, development financing, NGO financing, and pre-financing needs of startups. We look at cash, equity, loans, or credit for economic development projects; crowd-sourcing or other venture financing; non-profit sourcing through philanthropy and donors.


Our core projects are on the environment - sustaining through resilience, adaptation, and mitigation; renewable energies, and community economic development - rural and urban, social and economic impact and justice. 


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