Like the movement of tectonic plates, the earth changes constantly. With natural and human disasters, and climate changes, that's only one dimension of change.  There is also the changes needed to alleviate poverty and something that never changes...improving the human condition given the changes of the earth and the world. For 35 years, WPI, Inc. approached this from an international development perspective,  and,  a public outreach and education approach in its energy and environmental work.  This approach was being done by all of us - government, businesses and philanthropic groups. WPI recognized that another lens had to be applied and began to investigate how to do this through a lens of community management; understanding the power of energy and environmental limitations and resources; and identifying innovative means for funding and financing.  To do this, a new lens:  sustainable objectives, innovation, re-training, and new scenarios to  meet new bottom lines (triple). This required research into technologies, the role of energy and the environment for communities, and recognition of understanding financing and funding - finding new ways to earn, invest, save and develop new enterprises and ventures.  Thus, in 2012, the Sun Walking Group/Labs was formed, as they say, "to move the dial"  - to be able to operate in change finding equilibrium...to meet basic human needs and livelihood, care for island earth, and "harness resources" for power and peace.   

The Sun Walking Group/Labs is a hybrid planning company, re-defining and bridging the public and private sector, supporting innovation, projects and enterprises. It does this with new ideas configurations of partnerships and relationships and with utilizing sustainable development planning tools. Its work focuses on resilience planning and stakeholder involvement - things that last for the long term, but are done in the immediate. The Labs serve as a platform and space for ideas and projects - ideation capabilities; incubation, and acceleration.  It's basic foundation is inclusive of environment, society and governance (ESG combined with social/economic justice and equity goals. 

It's planning for the future in a dynamic process by building futures, now.

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