Like the movement of tectonic plates, the earth changes constantly. With natural and human disasters, and climate changes, we need to get in lockstep with those engaged in alleviating poverty and improving the human condition and our habitation on this earth, taking into account, economic, political, social and technological impacts.  In 2009, WPI, Inc. ended its official work in international development and public outreach in its energy and environmental work to look at how to meet needs from a different lens.  this required a total different structure and trajectory in which to work.  Thus, in 2012, the Sun Walking Group/Labs was formed to begin this journey.


The Sun Walking Group/Labs is a hybrid company, bridging the public and private sector goals and practices.  Its work focuses on resilience planning and stakeholder involvement and provides a space for ideas and projects to evolve that meet basic ESG (environment, society and governance) and social and economic justice and equity needs. 

Its dynamic process for engagement provides a gateway and steps for a bountiful future for all. 

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