For Sun Walking, the Sumatra-Andaman 2004 earthquake that hit 14 countries across Asia and the Pacific - a natural disaster that still counts among the worst in humankind's history, reinforced the need to attend to re-building communities and leaders to deal with the future - one of unpredictability and predictability, unexpected disasters and needed steps to mitigate these unforeseeable consequences. Lack of preparedness and not knowing how devastating something like this natural disaster could be, leaves the planet adrift and bereft of a plan and one of action.  Lives, communities, and countries gone.  Next time...we  need to be prepared,- to adapt, preserve, and protect - our lives. 

Action is required as climate change, political uprisings, migration and displacement of peoples, oil spills, pandemics, more earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and the recent fires of Australia and Brazil devastate our forests and our lands, peoples and living systems. To survive as a resilient lot and protect the earth's resource, we must participate in its dynamism - through calamity, catastrophe, and calm. The first step is to determine how we develop resilience in all that we do; how we build a base in our communities - ones of integrity and durability; networks to resources and integration of business, society and the environment; capturing the solid traditions of the past and the innovations for the future. 


How do we deal with the realities of the poor, climate change, energy and water issues, food security and work and diminishing the dwindling resources of the earth in our everyday lives?  How do we deal with equity, access and justice?  How do we deal with "the crooked timber of humanity" (Kant), our inherent violence and need for peace, and our own limitations;  with the migration of people, growth of unprepared and corrupt leadership, and the reality of rapidly changing communications from the internet to cellphones to the Internet of Things to robotics?

Today, these same questions persist as those that arose in 2004.  They've just multiplied exponentially- with too much information, too much consumption, too little attention to understanding them coherently.  Too much chaos.  

So, Sun Walking is an option for all - to utilize us to meet your goals and intended dreams.  We see the social injustices and disparities; can analyze through a new prism meeting changing demographics and community needs; have a bigger heart to learn how to live in the global village; to discover how, through  finding common ground, your work becomes fulfilling. To do this we need to change paradigms and create new world-views.  That's our mainstay work.


We are like the water givers who give water to replenish the energy of the marathon runners on their course - a  source of knowledge, skills and tools; becoming a compass to sustain links and networkss needed for a sustainable future - to look for what works collaboratively and individually. We work in the interstices - the in-between - the soft tissue, the glue, and cement of structures, organizations, and plans. We bring innovation, technological applications, new ways of thinking on environment, energy, technology, and basic human needs - from food to financing. We look from bottom to top, sideways and the periphery.  

We are a hybrid company -- a for profit and a not-for-profit, a launch pad, and a platform -  for our clients and target populations, their hopes and aspirations, bottom lines and success. We provide a framework of sustainability, helping businesses, communities, individuals, countries, start-ups and development projects.  We develop funds and labs - creating clear research and development paths with appropriate metrics and analytics. Our tools are simple - convening communities to work for a common goal and helping to map the road ahead.  We have the access and equity resources to share, collaborate and connect.  Use us...we will work as partners.

Brief history - The Sun Walking Group emerged from the work of WPI, Inc., (1974-2009), an international development firm focusing on the combination of work, education, and planning-developing management practices and leadership for transitioning economies and the times. 

(see WPI).

Like the movement of techtonic plates, and moving faster each day - so apparent in this new millennium - we need to get in lockstep with others engaged in alleviating poverty, capturing the technology and needs of the poor in an every changing world with great divides and division.   In 2003, WPI, Inc. ended its official project work to begin the journey from an economic development firm to one of sustainability, continuing to meet economic and social justice needs through the power of knowledge, understanding energy and the environment, building new paradigms for survival and sustaining a world of peace.  Thus, began the journey to the Sun Walking Group/Labs.   

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