With the Pandemic of 2020-2022 and the earth's turbulence on land and sea, once again the world faces change - finding new ways to survive and sustain itself - maintaining values and not losing to extinction; bringing in new energies, technologies to strengthen those values. With natural and human disasters, the slow impact of climate change looming over and before us, poverty and suffering also remained constants. The contradictions of human nature and the earth we live in, forever with us.  What remains since the beginning of time is...the light and vision for improving the human condition and saving our island earth.

History - The journey of the Sun Walking Group/Labs begins with WPI, Inc., an international development company focused on education and training, both formally and non-formally. For 35 years, WPI, Inc., trained leaders and managers in both the public and private sector...concentrating on the importance of strategically integrating the world of environmental needs and renewable energies with basic human needs. This approach was emerging in all sectors - government, business, and in the world of philanthropy. WPI recognized that another lens was needed beyond the accepted means of technical assistance and consulting to prepare and plan for a sustainable future. So, its founder went in search of the best strategy for local organizations and leaders to engage in the global issues that impacted their very lives.  In that adapt and adopt new technologies and practices to be responsible and relevant to the specific needs of their constituents, clients or communities.

Exploration and Research - From the experience of WPI, it became apparent that energy and the environment needed to become more central to basic human needs with the impact of technology and science.  One had to learn and navigate in the "knowledge and digital economies" -learning new approaches and language. The Sun Walking Group/Labs emerged - becoming a platform and lab to operate in balancing these innovations necessary to build for the future.  To do this, a new re-setting had to apply:  a "re-think" of what is sustainable, what is resilient, what can work and maintain its integrity; what works with limited resources and re-training with science, connectivity, analytics, and leaders capable of instituting these changes. Perhaps, more succinctly put - new scenarios to meet new bottom lines (triple) and the change. This required research into complex topics for all to understand - technologies, science, innovation in thinking, and sourcing revenue and capital - finding new ways to earn, invest, save and develop new enterprises and ventures.  A new environment of "change"  to build sustainable institutions and clear-thinking leadership guidelines, steps, insight and foresight.

Today - In 2012, the Sun Walking Group/Labs was launched - to be a platform and R&D support for sustainable directions, responding to the transitions needed.  It is a hybrid company - both for profit and not-for-profit.  A place for action, and, a place for reflection and research.  Finding equilibrium...to meet basic human needs and livelihood, care for island earth, and "harness resources" for power and peace.  Tall orders, but that is each of our missions in our lives, for ourselves, for others.  To accomplish this, the Sun Walking Group/Labs, provides skills in leadership, technology,  sustainability - inventing, applying and transforming, starting with thinking tools and workable theories and application of basic planning and developing tools focused on local projects and building or renewing local institutions.  (see Tools.)

Sun Walking demonstrates its leadership to help build and sustain the components of island earth - its biosphere and hydrospace. It includes all stakeholders in a dynamic process and mindset - building now, for today and tomorrow.  Sun Walking warriors, peacemakers, doers and thinkers,  artists and researchers, bring a refreshing framework for local leaders and communities to create projects for growth meeting economic and environmental needs.  Contact us at:  source@sunwalking.net.  Let us help you build the community and environment that gives you the pride, dignity and integrity that should be passed to the next generation.