With the Pandemic of 2020-2021, once again the world has had to deal with change - finding new ways to survive and hanging on to the traditions that have sustained through the ages.  With natural and human disasters, the slow impact of climate change looming over and before us, there has also been the constant demand and responsibility to deal with poverty and suffering.  That has not changed since the beginning of time...improving the human condition and saving our earth.

The journey of the Sun Walking Group/Labs begins with WPI, Inc.   For 35 years, WPI, Inc. served as an international development company - meeting demands of education and training globally, in both formal and non-formal education. It also was asked by government to manage  educating the public through participation and outreach in the world of renewable energies and environmental protection.  The environment and energy was emerging as areas to be included in basic human needs. This approach was emerging in all sectors - government, business, and in the world of philanthropy. WPI recognized that another lens had to be applied and tackled this global concern by looking locally at solving these concerns. Through the lens of community ownership/empowerment, education and management, it established a frame of understanding the power of energy and environmental limitations and possibilities...always with the need to identifying innovative and creative means for funding and financing.  To do this, a new framework had to apply:  a "re-think" of sustainable objectives, innovation, re-training, and new scenarios to  meet new bottom lines (triple). This required research into complex topics for all to understand - technologies, science, the role of energy and the environment for communities, and sourcing revenue and capital - finding new ways to earn, invest, save and develop new enterprises and ventures.  A new environment of "change" was required.

Thus, in 2012, the Sun Walking Group/Labs was formed, as they say, "to move the dial"  - to be able to operate in change finding equilibrium...to meet basic human needs and livelihood, care for island earth, and "harness resources" for power and peace.  Tall orders, but that is each of our missions in our lives, for ourselves, for others.  To accomplish this, the Sun Walking Group/Labs, a hybrid corporation, provides skills in leadership, technology,  sustainability, at the local level; doing so with basic workable, manageable approaches.

It is planning for the future, including all stakeholders in a dynamic process and mindset - building, now for today and tomorrow.