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Jacquie Kay
Senior Advisor,  Sun Walking  Group
Leadership, Labs and Funds Planner
Sam Engelstad
Chair, Sun Walking Labs
Conflict Mitigation Advisor


These are core personnel who assist in developing workable scenarios for funding, expertise and resources. They work in concert, in an advisory capacity, with years of experience, knowledge and connections to add value to your team or project. They cover the spectrum of disciplines and skills in development, science, technology, sustainability and leadership at every level of change -adapting, finding resilience and mitigating - for you to grow, build, learn. The outcome is for you to create innovative, inclusive, and collaborative outcomes for your future and that of island earth.  Contact us for others of our team to meet your needs.

Carolyn Russ
Energy and Community Relations Advisor
Iosefa Percival
Ocean Conservation & Aquaculture Analytics/AI
Walter Pultinas
Sun Walking Labs Fellow 2019-2022
Social enterprise and UX design 
Rasima Swarup
Sun Walking Labs Fellow (former)
Business Financing/Data/Technology
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