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We adopt and utilize management and planning tools from both traditional and innovative sources, using an amalgam of best practices in management and modeling; planning and projections, based on up-to-date metrics and analytics, case studies, and leading management tools.  Woven in however are several "Sun Walking" management tools for planning, development and training.  We adapt to the local situation or problem - guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN and by stakeholders in local communities where we are called. 


  • Scenario stepping - Scenario planning is a basic strategic planning approach. Sun Walking expands upon this process, adapting it in a rubric of the ARM lens (see next) -  adaptation, resilience, and mitigation.  We have done this from policy to practice, e.g., from restoring fisheries and coral reefs to sustaining stock and habitats; integrating work and education to build enterprises and businesses; applying to urban resilience - infrastructure re-tooling; retrofitting, renovating homes; applying renewable energies (solar, hydro, wind, etc.), and seeking to target the elders, youth, migrants, and the under and unemployed.  With, "scenario stepping", we are able to mix  long term goals with the short term needs.

  • The "ARM"  Lens (adaptation, resilience, and mitigation) - Sun Walking's key analytical tool is based on a framework of analysis and application - using evidentiary based research; deep diving; perspectives and protocols; metrics and measurements; analyses and analytics and heuristics - aligning practice with application.  

  • We  demonstrate either a scientific or empirical base - applying theory and practice - tools gained from communities throughout the world that provide balance, effectiveness, change, value and progress.

  • "Ho'oponopono"  - (Hawaiian) (reconciling and aligning differences/conflicts - conflict mitigation; applying to project design and policy development) 

  • Legkotla (Sotho and Tswana) - from a people perspective,  a consultative convening of leaders meeting for a common goal 

  • "Synaptics" -the human interface with systems, data, people and networks. An iterative, integrative system for connecting data, people and networks.  Use of AGILE project management and scrum managers, Kaizen, and an array of applicable management tools. an iterative, integrative process for a common and comprehensive purpose for our stakeholders, target populations and clients 

  •  "He Zuo"-  translation from Chinese of "work together."  collaboration with those from different sectors and disciplines will be integrated for each project, client and development effort 

  • "K&D-E  - frameworking, database development, digital tools,, hack-a-thons

The outcome:   to create new ways of thinking, sustain habitats and livelihoods, and to care for the land, water, and all living systems and organisms in an ever-changing world.  With the complex networks and extensive connections, we assist our clients by walking through these networks and connections for focused and directed intervention. 

Thus, business, institutions, and organizations operate in a learning/achieving environment.

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