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The Lemongrass Tangent project

Sun Walking's strength has been in providing a base of guidance and advice to communities, institutions, and social ventures in linking, integrating, and assisting in financing and funding  and in energy and the environment - targets of climate change.  The Lemongrass Tangent project is to identify how to include these linkages and integration factors.  It became early on that before one could identify these factors, a conceptual framework (or a great idea) required knowing the pertinent and key data to build a sustainable product or service.   Over the past year (2021), the Sun Walking team has moved its Lemongrass Tangent project forward identifying what constitutes success in the weaving of different and disparate elements together.

To that end, it will be creating databoxes to plant the seeds necessary to grow a coherent system for respective groups, communities and entities needing to understand their "webbing" and "weaving."


The Lemongrass Tangent project, aims to untangle the web of connections for breakthroughs and identify synapses for sustainable, economic development for those at the local level to tie into understanding the global impact.  Moreover, it is the introduction for those to find power in these digital and technological tools to add efficiency and effectiveness to their work.  Here we are talking about applied research for farmers, migratory peoples, dispossessed and disadvantaged communities to have tools from  planting to predictive analytics, from AI to human ingenuity and workforce investment.


The Knowledge Platform

To develop such a system, a knowledge platform - data development, models, analyses, etc., are key inputs for ascertaining how to "move the chain."  A connectivity system is then employed (the lemongrass tangent).  Sun Walking has focused on a specific term for its connectivity. Each country, culture has a word (or two) that conveys this.  For the Chinese, it is a word, "he zuo", which loosely translated means "cooperation-work" or to work cooperatively or in collaboration.  

Included in this database are theories and practices that use existing resources; find funding and financing mechanisms, and integrate standards of humanity and integrity to the basic human condition.  Weaving this data and connectivity tools support system is a part of the Lemongrass Tangent project.  

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