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WPI For the 21st Century

The Global Educational Technologies (GET) Tools


The GET are innovative management tools for strategy development and strategic planning. WPI employs technology, specialists and applicable designs in developing futures for companies and institutions.


Some of the GET tools are:


  • "WPI scenario stepping" model for strategic planning/operations;

  • Resource Advisory Groups (RAGs) providing an interdisciplinary expert approach; 

  • the INTERSTICES© framework - elements of connecting, bridging, partnering;

  • the SYNAPTICS© model of managing and implementing; and 

  • the use of a human resource and training database - sophisticated, complex, applicable and accessible; and funding and financing strategies.


All contribute to creating interfaces and interaction of communities and the environment with corporate strategies and goals; establishing new knowledge bases, balanced scorecards, and linkages and alliances focused on integration, identity, and integrity, forming a new core value. The teams include bankers, economists, business people, educators, and an array of manufacturing, technological, and managerial experts working together cross-sectorally to deal with multiple locations, goals, and outcomes.

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