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The History of WPI, Inc.

Founded in 1973 by its President Jacquie L. Kay, WPI Inc. (originally Wu P'i, Inc.), was initially incorporated in Seattle, Washington. Its name derives from two Chinese characters, Wu, meaning we, this people, and P'i, meaning a good match.

The original purpose was to develop a World Trade Center for the city of Seattle. In time, WPI Inc. evolved into an international management, training, and development firm. WPI Inc. also recognized the need for international trade services. Thus in 1983, WPI Inc. formed the International Trade Services Group (ITS), to focus on export management and international trade.

WPI President, Dr. Jacquie Kay, and the core WPI team: Project Development Managers in environmental issues and international technical assistance, and Vice President for Administrative/Finance and Project Associates, form a core group which develops and manages training activities worldwide. These staff members are supported by specialists as needed from WPI's roster of technical consultants and as projects develop.

With over 28 years experience, WPI, Inc. expanded tremendously into a full service international development company, providing all aspects of project and business management. . Because of its excellence in education, training and outreach, the U.S. government called upon WPI as an 8A firm to assist the Environmental Protection Agency in its public education and outreach efforts. WPI supported most of the workshops and conferences of EPA, New England. Due to the work of the EPA, the Air Force Centers for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE) then requested WPI to assist them in community outreach at several of the military bases on the Eastern Seaboard that were set to close - Homestead, Florida; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Plattsburgh, New York; Rome, New York; and Loring, Maine. From this work, WPI has demonstrated its knowledge and expertise in dealing with the issues of development, environment and community for businesses and government.

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