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WPI For the 21st Century

Commercial (Corporate) Sector



With the advent of the 21st century, the world confronted enormous upheavals – politically, socially, technologically, and from nature itself. Building upon over 30 years of dealing with the social, political and economic issues confronting nations, institutions, and individuals, WPI has a special understanding of how to execute and implement values and vision to everyday practices and struggles. With its base of dealing with the poor, policy reform, planning, international development, leadership training, education and the environment, WPI is now at a more sophisticated level in delivery and service to communities, businesses and leaders. Endemic to its practice is the notion of the Triple Bottom Line (3BL) for companies and organizations. It can train a workforce of leaders, professionals and laborers to deal with global change from the dual perspective – from the perspective of all stakeholders and all providers. WPI continues in its mission -building leaders and institutions today for tomorrow. 

Over the years WPI:

  • Provided leadership, management, policy reform and enterprise development opportunities to create workforces at all levels for the future; 

  • Built upon a framework of the Triple Bottom Line (3BL) using it as the benchmark for businesses, and 

  • Integrated resources – financial, human, technological – making them accessible and manageable in change 

In February, 2006, WPI launched a new initiative, CLIMATE CHANGE and has selected a special team: The Bainbridge International Group (BIG) to lead this venture. (BIG) . CLIMATE CHANGE responds to the global changes for businesses – developing a triple model line - dealing with socially responsible audit systems and key alliances for progress – both public and private. The BIG team understands the socio-political-economic risk dynamics for management, instilling integrity in the enterprise and its growth, as well as its core values. 

The Bainbridge International Group (BIG) , develops both vision and work; ethic and action; accomplishment and effort – a group of advisors and developers – toolmakers - who balance the public and the private, the financial and the social, the risk and the realities, the goals and the operations, assisting in executing amidst the contradictions and ambiguities of our times. Bainbridge provides the expertise required for understanding the context and the new set of rules to globally master meeting the basic needs of humanity and the poor. 



Under the auspices of WPI, The Bainbridge Group serves as the leading international provider of independent internal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Triple Bottom Line (3BL) consulting services. Bainbridge helps companies, governments and institutions worldwide identify, measure, and manage CSR and 3BL issues they face within their industries, systems and decision-making processes. The group offers a full spectrum of CSR internal audit and risk services, technology, and skills for CSR management and measurement. With the continual transformation of what the public (customers) and shareholders perceive and want as socially responsible actions, it is critical to have solid CSR and 3BL controls in place to provide management teams with decision support and value-added measurement tools. 

This practice is headed up by Dr. Jacquie L. Kay, founder and CEO of WPI Inc.With over 35 years experience in the field, Dr. Kay is recognized as an expert in leadership development and developing linkages and partnerships in the public and private sector.She has worked closely with boards and management of companies to help them understand the value of socially responsible decisions and move beyond the traditional financial bottom line to the triple bottom line.

Through Bainbridge, assessments, designs and recommendations at the policy and execution points for management teams, integrate CSR and sustainability issues – an integrity is re-established into the core of the company business and relationships. As with Sarbanes-Oxley, the consultants help to enforce through innovative management controls, a CSR component of a decision embedded in the decision-making process.

CLIMATE CHANGE offers objective insights and helps its clients seize new opportunities for growth and profitability.With globalization, shareholders, and business leaders themselves demanding higher levels of social responsibility every year, it is important the companies not only have CSR controls in place, but also have the tools to measure the value-add of the socially responsible decision.Moving beyond the financial bottom line will lead companies to growth and prosperity in markets they previously had yet to identify. The particular products and services are listed below.

The Bainbridge Group has professionals based in countries throughout the world that assist the primary team.It provides on-location CSR audit services, CSR technologies, and skills to clients, everywhere in the world.

Specifically, the Bainbridge team can assist in issues relevant to business, government and society.For example, Bainbridge works with the concept of Black Economic Enterprise in South Africa to help build the cadre of leaders needed to conduct business in the New South Africa; it works with NGO’s in developing strategies to eradicate and eliminate the infectious diseases ravaging people of the earth; it works with major corporations in identifying the burning issues of our times for better decision-making by their managers and professionals; and it identifies the integration of the Triple Bottom Line for all of us to have a sustainable life on this earth.


The Triple Bottom Line

What is this triple bottom line? The Triple Bottom Line evolved initially from the double bottom line, having both financial gain and return, and social responsibility - an effort for corporations to begin thinking of the dual goals of business and society. But intertwined with business and society is the very environment and earth we live in that demands a balance and attention to enable our future.For that reason, a triple bottom line. Bainbridge seeks to create an environment for the foreseeable future, where from basics, wealth can be attained in our work, our society, and our world. 

The Triple Bottom Line, is a part of the bigger agenda…  CLIMATE CHANGE in our world and institution - it is part of our overall ethic and ethos.

Our services and products cover global and specific areas:

  • CSR audits; core analyses, assessments, strategic planning, policy reform and technical assistance

  • Innovative customize management interventions,

  • Integration of 3BL in business strategies

  • Coaching and advising senior executives,

  • Maintaining a database/platform of 3BL concerns

  • Workshops on burning issues - political, economic, social, environmental

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