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For almost 35 years, WPI has been a key resource in planning, development, and training issues to communities, corporations, countries and future leaders. It has utilized basic and innovative training tools; provided coherent project management tools; and tools to link the public and private sector. It has done so maintaining traditional values and modern practices, integrating technology and common sense. 


WPI, Inc. is a leading training and management consulting group, working throughout the world in formulating strategies and new directions for organizations and developing new leaders. Its work was conducted all over the globe - Asia and the Pacific; Africa and the Middle East; Latin America and the Caribbean; Russia and the Euro-Asian new states….training leaders and building institutions. It covered policy reform; basic training; environment and energy conferences and convenings; corporate and community relations (for military), to international trade services bringing together services and products across countries. Its work met the needs for building nations, organizations and leaders.


Its clients have included international assignments from multi-lateral agencies to developing countries; developing policy reform in Latin America to management skills in South Africa; from diversity training to corporate social investment strategies; from the extractive industries to agribusiness; from technology transfer to small business development to grantsmanship. It has worked with donor agencies such as USAID, the World Bank, EPA, the Department of Energy, and with many corporations, academic institutions, and organizations.


WPI knows developing countries and cultures and how to work with government and leaders in spawning economic growth, providing livelihoods for the citizenry, and involving the private sector with economic and social development. It has served as a bridge, a door, or window…opening new vistas to its clients.


In its trade practice, the International Trade Services Group (ITS) provided export management services for both the US and developing countries. ITS provided market research, distribution arrangements, logistics management and specialized consulting. WPI marketed the IBEX Global Business Alliance, a proprietary trading system used by traders and consultants worldwide. They also served as the New England Representative for Programa Bolivar, a major trade facilitation network, connection 23 regional and international organizations.


In the area of sustainable environmental services, WPI focused on two areas: mitigation especially in terms of community outreach and public relations for the Air Force Centers for Environmental Excellence and workshops, conference coordination, and public education for the Environmental Protection Agency.


Over the years, WPI has built a core group of staff and maintained a database of experts. The staff employed the WPI approach of executing projects and programs, from policies and ideals that build sustainable communities and provide tools and ideals in leadership and human resources. By looking at burning questions and workable solutions, they have helped others to build upon their own resources and strengths. 

In 2006, WPI launched a new initiative, Climate Change, (See WPI for the 21st century) consolidating its work in international development and trade, local and community building, public and private sector linkages, and environmental and energy mitigation work. The consolidation is built upon two bases – developing a program and practice of excellence of “sustainability” and “social responsibility”. For WPI, sustainability is defined in building strong infrastructure in organizations – sustaining organizations, making them programmatically and fiscally strong. Social responsibility is in relating public and private sector goals – bringing together government, business and society and concentrating on understanding local communities in building companies and workforces. WPI has tools to offer and new perspectives from defining directions to implementing successful ventures.


Thus, from a small firm established originally in Washington state with a vision for the world and having some basic tools for learning to grow and sustain communities, institutions and countries, WPI has stepped into the global issues confronting our society - meeting the demands of a "greener" world, helping to define clear social responsibility of communities, and giving access to resources in understanding and building a better world in which to live.

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