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Startups and Social Enterprises


  • Sustag4All - Cali, Colombia.  Development of an economic development model based on growing sustatinable avocado.  Business model includes a triple bottom line plus Peace mission; development of an agribusiness innovation lab, farmer/los reintegrados work and enterprise development, and partnering for funding and financing revenue generation.

  • Living Systems Lab, Fisherville Mills site, MA – The Sun Walking Group is assisting in strategic planning and educational development for along the Blackstone River. Currently, the team is developing models for re-use on remediated siite on the canal and the adjacent brownfield with the aim to include affordable housing, science education, sustainable technology labs and open space. (Sun Walking Team)


  • Palau, Micronesia – The Sun Walking group is researching the development of growing mangrove crabs and sea cucumbers to the juvenile stage  to restore the economic viability, environmental and ecological balance, and food security for the region. The Conservation Strategy Fund held economic training programs in Palau in 2014 and Sun Walking conducted a case review of the sea cucumber industry.   The Sun Walking Group, along with a local entrepreneur, developed a business model with the goal to take the mangrove crabs to market.  (Pacific Sun Walking Team - Palau Resource Institute -Greg Gordon)

  • Swappl -increasing financial empowerment through community exchange - winner of social impact social award at NTT Data challenge. Sun Walking support in advisory capacity - worked on pitch, presentation. (Swappl team and Jacquie Kay)

  • Bike Beacon Provided mentoring and strategic counsel to the team at Bike Beacon, which has a smart and easy technology to save lives and support sustainable mobility. (Amir Farjadian and Jacquie Kay)

  • Samoa, Polynesia Working in concert with Upega Inc. and the Tiapapata Art Centre, this project focused on establishing a monitoring station for aquaculture. It included research on acidic water impacts on the tuna industry and technical assistance to a university project supporting community learning centers and providing access to technological and computing services. (Pacific Sun Walking Team -  Iosefa Percival)



  • Molokaʻi, Hawai'i  In 2009,  the community of Molokai held a conference on "The Future of a Hawaiian Island."  Dr. Jacquie Kay was invited to speak on "Financing Sustainability," and subsquently led the strategic planning session and the formation of the Sust’ainable Molokai organization.Additional projects emerged: economic development of the farming and agriculture sector and community energy management.  Sun Walking initiated a preliminary effort for an energy cooperative; obtaining matching funds and working with local leadership.  (Sustainable Molokai, Habitat for Humanity, etc. and Jacquie Kay)



Technologies, Networks and Systems 
Key to the Sun Walking team's efforts has been the development of its Lemongrass Network.  It is currently in its third iteration with the Sun Walking Labs team developing its construct and dissemination system.
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