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Sun Walking Labs, the non-profit arm of The Sun Walking Group, is an incubator of ideas, projects, institutions, businesses,  and dreams. Here is where ideation, incubation, innovation are initiated and implemented.  This is where work, education, and ingenuity become reality or otherwise.

The Lab itself has three purposes: 

  • To generate the “lab” concept in local settingsThis means to begin to introduce a stronger research and development aspect to projects. Donor agencies now require more evidence-based and scientific approaches to development issues and local NGO’s are competing with research groups who are able to talk about their projects from this perspective, unless they have included the local citizenry to participate and collaborate, or the local citizenry through their start-ups, ventures and NGO’s take leadership. Today’s generation of educated locals can now take leadership.  We see the importance of communities engaging not only as stakeholders, but taking ownership and being responsible for projects in their own communities, recognize that leadership must be developed locally, and that the future is not only in human resources, but in understanding the input and impact of energy and the environment.

  •  To be an incubator for start-ups, non-profits, ventures – social impact, technological products and systems development. It works primarily as a fiscal manager for non-profits while providing soft skills to bolster the beneficiary’s business and management models and practices. More specifically, in line with its value system, the incubator focuses on building relationships and provides:

    • Organizational development skills

    • Advice and counsel

    • Access to finances, connectors and leaders in the field

  • To provide access to fund raising sources, fin-tech, financing assistance.  From developing local trusts to donor agency and private sector financing for organizations, project and product financing.  Utilizing modern technologies to assist farmers, for example, in obtaining credit, developing endowments for organizational sustainability, setting up rainy day funds, building cooperatives, banks, partnering to leverage financing.

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