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About Us

The world is always moving, changing and with that, adapting and finding that which demonstrates resilience is key.  And so Sun Walking begins this process of adaptation and development of new frames and lens in which to grow and build businesses and our work.  The Sun Walking Group/Labs brings the navigational l tools - mapping these approaches.  Sun Walking provides access to resources and tools - from fresh ideas to alternative financing strategies; from incubating new projects and start-ups in our Lab; to creating a sustainable future - food, education, shelter, work, and support - thereby opening  a path in social and sustainable impact for all .

 The Hawaiian phrase, "malama honua" - caring for island earth, and "malama kanaka" caring for humankind, is the basis of our message.  With that we can support you with tools, technologies, financing, and technical expertise to go forward.
Sun Walking's Approach:
Using intellectual rigor, practical approaches, listening to local needs,  plain old ingenuity, and hard scientific or analytical approaches in our research, our applied metrics and analytics help people to reckon with the world  today  -  from the village level to cities and island communities; from the mountains to the sea; from the halls of academia to corporate boardrooms and diverse innovation ecosystems, from the poor to the excluded.. 


We are an exciting new business model, a hybrid company, combining both a for-profit and not-for-profit - serving as a lab and a  consulting firm with a range of resources and networks to draw upon. We maintain the mantra of being "glocal" (global and local) - focusing on communities, human and natural habitats, island communities, rural and urban settings.  We have discovered that this is business for the future - establishing a sustainable model....and we are not the first nor only, but we are there.  ,

Our focus is project and business development - designing, building, and executing. We help to build entrepreneurs, enterprises, and community engagement - putting ownership and governance in local hands and stressing new economic partnerships. We work in concert with communities, governments, and businesses.  

​SUN WALKING'S Resources:

Our resources include teams of navigators and curators, experts in specific disciplines and technical knowledge, and just folks who understand what is sustainable for the particular project in which they are engaged. Recently added to this pool is expertise in ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) practices. Sun Walking's other resources include funding and financing mechanisms, a database of resources and information, research tools and "big picture and detail" analysis, combined with analytics and metrics that meet the demands of the times. The lab is our incubation and acceleration base to spawn other labs.


Our Resources:

  • Knowledge - databases, research methodologies, analytics

  • Financing   - sources, mechanisms, bundling for for-profit and not-for-profit

  • Experts and expertise - guidance, skills, critical analysis and curating, connections

  • Case studies/models - practical applications, comparative development 

  • Resilient outcomes  - sustainable for the long term and able to withstand change and external and internal demands

Sun Walking enables its clients to be responsible and govern their own projects launched from our lab.  

The Sun Walking Labs:

It's in-house labs, houses and incubates projects and other start-ups, Sun Walking has begun the development and research needs for its Lemongrass Tangent; its Urban Resilience Lab; its Community Resilience Trust; and a Goods for Good platform.  In communities throughout the world, Sun Walking helps to build labs from existing programs and organizations and to assist in finding the funding/financing they require. 

The Team

Agile, experienced, knowledgeable expertise from our database of expertise in a range of areas for development and design.  Some are referrals to those specifically skilled in practice; some are key individuals who can advise and some are organizations designed to support others.  Key individuals are highlighted in our Team section, currently being revised.

Communities, institutions, NGO's and individuals - vectors and partners:

The Sun Walking Group leverages partnerships, global networks, expertise, and resources to assist clients and partners in creating new alliances. It provides advisory and financing services; mentors and investors; curators and analysts' support for start-up, enterprises and sustainable ventures. It does this by helping to convey that labs and funds are the building blocks for projects, ideas and innovations - enabling entrepreneurs and enterprises, social impact and sustainable ventures, to have a solid structural base - a platform based on real practices that have the flexibility and nimbleness to sustain and meet the vision one imagines. And it develops the environment for this to thrive.

Corporate Curators

For corporate clients (wealth investments, investors), looking to find sustainable and social impact partners, Sun Walking has its ESG Curators that assist in integrating sustainability and social impact work into their bottom lines. Sun Walking contributes:

  • knowledge and practice of social impact programs and projects

  • assistance in developing sustainable agendas and goals

  • use of appropriate metrics and analytics

  • creation of projects and practices of environmental and energy issues, from a global perspective as well as specific perspective

And so, we provide the platform that brings science, financing, technology, knowledge and connectivity into your world...wherever you are on planet earth.

The Sun Walking Group/Labs is under construction. Please check back soon!

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